I find it to be relatively difficult to surround myself with nothing but beautiful things in the real world. Here, however, I can indulge. I enjoy everything from pretty clothes to pretty girls (occasionally even at the same time), from pretty tea pots to pretty libraries to pretty cats. All in all, it's a twisted, tangled mess of beauty and whimsy.

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Home alone and there are strange noises coming from upstairs. And both of the cats are with me. And the guns are also upstairs. Sigh. How do people live by themselves? I can’t do this. 16 days…

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"ugh tumblr is so hypocritical smh"

well the site has over 1 million users and the closest thing to agreement is that they all dislike wasps what the FUCK were you expecting

i actually like wasps

you just couldn’t go with the flow COULD you! just HAD to be our SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE!

What now? Umbridge Sympathizers?!

I like Umbridge I think she’s swell


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